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- Frank Egan

Ann C. Boger
Acting Assistant Curator
Extensions Collection
The Cleveland Museum of Art
Cleveland, Ohio USA

Donald M. Bailey DLitt, FSA
Curator, Ancient Lamps & Roman Pottery
The British Museum
London, England

Nazarena Valenza Mele, Author
Catalogo de Lucerne in Bronzo
Museo Nazionale Archeologico di Napoli
Naples, Italy

Christiane Lyon-Caen & Viviane Hoff, Authors
Musée du Louvre: Catalogue des lamps en terre cuite grecques et chrétinnes.
Paris, France

Walter Hough, Author
The Development of Illumination
From the Smithsonian Report
The Smithsonian
Washington, DC USA

The Rushlight Club Founded 1932
Archival Resources Reference Library

Amanda Sherwin, Corresponding Secretary
The Rushlight Club
PO Box 75
Southampton, NY USA 11969

Hugh G. Evelyn-White, M.A.
Battle of the Frogs & Mice
from the HESIOD, The Homeric Hymns and Homerica
Harvard University Press 1959

George Post,
Fine Craft Photography

5835 Bouquet Ave
Richmond, CA 94805 USA
Voice 510.237.0197
Fax 510.236.0519

The Cleveland Museum

(Ancient clay and metal lamp
The Cleveland Museum
Cleveland, Ohio USA

John Gentry
Flash Movie Artist

Wayman S. Campbell jr.
Design consultant


Herb Fagen Writer/Author
Web Page Sr. Editor
Voice/Fax 925.472.0229
Contact Agent Wieser & Wieser
New York, NY

William Miller Author 1812
Costumes of the Ancients
Republication 1962 by Dover Books Thomas Hope, Author
Costumes of the Greeks & Romans
With permission

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